The Fellowship of Instructional Leaders is a research-based approach to school improvement that provides principals and their instructional leadership teams with essential knowledge, skills, experiences and support that enable them to lead systemic instructional improvement and increased student achievement. Not just another initiative or obligation competing for you time and attention, participation in the Fellowsip can help you manage your current school and district initiatives more effectively.

This program is designed to build the collective capacity of the adults within a school and its particular context. Proven resources and tools for building-level leaders, delivered where and how they need them most. Online modules, professional training events, and one-on-one technical support for instructional leaders who aim at instructional excellence are just a few of the supports we offer.

The Fellowship provides the following benefits and attributes:

  • Immediate answers
  • Ongoing Support
  • Coherence
  • Achievement Gains
  • Just-in-time training for subordinates
  • Building-level solutions
  • Proven results
  • Community building
  • New research